Heroes: They're what we do.


Whether Rogue Blades Entertainmentthe for-profit publisher of heroic genre themed anthologies, or Rogue Blades Foundationthe not-for-profit literary publisher and presenter exploring the heroic, Rogue Blades puts  heroes into your hands and hearts.


We showcase heroic ideals like integrity, loyalty, courage, and love, all while bringing you the heroes you can look up to, aspire toward, and share. RB delivers heroics through the exciting storytelling of grand adventures, daring swashbuckling, inspirational history, and the dreams of imagination. Look to Rogue Blades for your heroes and you'll never be disappointed!

Rogue Blades Entertainment
Rogue Blades Foundation

Rogue Blades Foundation (RBF) was established in 2019 as a not-for-profit literary publisher of the heroic. RBF recognizes writing must appealby being either intellectually stimulating or emotionally provocative, though the best writings convey both appealsin order to deliver real-life, heroic values such as loyalty, ethics, courage, steadfastness, credibility, integrity, stewardship, compassion, responsibility, leadership, and love. As publishers of everything heroic from the factual to the fantastical and the historical to the personal, we deliver on our tagline 'We put the HEROICS in Reading!' by putting heroes in print into hands and hearts. As a non-profit organization, we pursue our vision of the universal embrace of the heroic good found through the written word only with your encouragement and support. Please click on the RBF logo to learn about our mission and goals, catalog of titles, current and future programs, portfolio of authors and artists, public presentations, and supporting our efforts through membership and donation

Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE) is a micro publisher of all the heroic adventure and speculative fiction genres. RBE seeks to ignite an appreciation for the tales of true heroes infused with the vigor and excitement of pulp-era fiction for today's readers. As publishers of heroic adventure from the fantastical to the historical to the inspirational, we've been living up to our tagline 'We put the HERO in Heroics!' since 2008. Read about our mission and goals, or click on the RBE logo to the left to find our catalog, open calls, genre definitions, recommended links, and portfolio of our authors and artists.