Cort Schwarz–, er, Billmont

KILLING GUNTHER (2017) was not a good movie. There was some mildly enjoyable bits, though it was a mostly wasted 90 minutes of life . . . until the close, where we get to meet Cort Billmont. Arnold Schwarzenegger is simply having fun at this point in his career, and I admire that. Sometimes I don’t enjoy it, but I respect that he does, and that makes me smile. That’s where I’m taking RBE — forward into all the fun heroics I can. And it re-started today, with the first open submissions call in this New Xtreme Edge of RBE! So if you’re a fan of writing and reading anything of true heroics, of discovering jaw-droppingly gorgeous cover artwork and spine-thrilling adventure in all its forms, I hope you stick with RBE. Like Arnold’s career, I’m sure they’ll be ups and downs you don’t cotton much to, but also like Arnold, RBE is back!