Didier Normand’s original oil painting

Cool Art

RB Foundation is the proud new owners of the original-and-straight-from-France Didier Normand oil painting for the ROBERT E. HOWARD CHANGED MY LIFE cover. We are undecided upon what to do with this piece, hang it above the grand entryway to our hallowed halls or auction it as a fundraiser for our future promises. What’s your thoughts?

Cool Idea

In exploring future publishing programs for RBF, the board and I have discussed releasing an annual compilation of Howard Days reviews and summaries of events. A repository, if you will, of each year’s activities, panels, Guest of Honor speeches, and collection of the various attendee reviews that are posted each summer across the Internet. We’re thinking something in the 50 page range, released by the end of summer, possibly magazine-style. Obviously it will take a few years/issues to get the body of attendees to participate, but its aim would be to become the premiere Howard Days resource. We believe this would be a viable expansion to RBF’s heroic platform while being yet another way to promote the Howard Home Museum, Howard Days, and Rogue Blades Foundation — not to mention Robert Howard himself. If we could work with the artist of each year’s Howard Days’ logo or postmark to use that year’s art as the cover of each issue, it would tie things together rather nicely. This is still in preliminary planning stages and but one of several future project proposals for the foundation, but we would of course work out something for the Museum to have copies to sell as fundraisers as well.

Tossing this out to y’all for feedback — Would you purchase/collect such an annual? And would you contribute to it pro bono?

Thank you for the input – it is much appreciated.