Cover of REH CHANGED MY LIFE, art by Didier Normand
REH CHANGED MY LIFE cover painted by Didier Normand

Advance Reading Copies are in the hands of multiple readers, the first of whom shared this gem after reading:

“This volume edited by Jason M Waltz of the Rogue Blades Foundation contains essays from a wide range of people—readers, authors, and artists—whose lives were changed by reading Robert E. Howard’s Conan and other stories. These reflections provide insight not only into his enduring influence, but also cast interesting light back on his life, especially his tragic suicide. The essays themselves are worthwhile, but if you read it simply for the literary and artistic trails it will set you on, you will be satisfied.

“A fascinating testament to the power of the written word—and to Robert E. Howard’s compelling, poetic, virile prose.”

—Toni Weisskopf, publisher, Baen Books

Thank you for the kind words Toni!

The pre-release special price direct from RBF continues through the end of March. Visit RBF’s website to learn more about this title and the Foundation.