This photo by Peter Gnas will become the cover of WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE
Photo by Peter Gnas

Rogue Blades Entertainment is proud to announce the following acceptances have become the tone-setters for WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE:

This anthology theme is challenging, one of the more thoughtful writing requests we’ve ever made of y’all. I definitely appreciate all of the submissions, though most especially those from creative minds that have taken to heart our guidelines and suggestions and written to provide what we seek. There are great S&S (or other S&-) tales that are being declined because they lack the depth of sacrifice or character study we’re asking for. There are quite possibly great tales not even being read if the opening 500 isn’t giving us that jolt of excitement or sparking our interest, or even worse, giving us all those things we don’t want. This is not your run-of-the-mill S&- theme, so consider wisely, craft slyly, and keep submitting those stellar pieces.