This photo by Peter Gnas will become the cover of WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE
Photo by Peter Gnas

RBE continues reading for WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE and we are excited to accept 4 more tales:

The stories this anthology theme is attracting that have made it through to our full reading queue have for the most part been action and adventures tales with a bit of thoughtfulness, as anticipated. There’s been lots of loss, of course, but taking it to that next level and actually finding sacrifice . . . Reading stories of protagonists who willing choose to give something dear, something cherished, something trusted, up on behalf of something/someone else . . . there’s some powerful stories here, might even be a tear-jerker or two. Just observing the possibility, am I. ONLY ONE WEEK left before the submission window closes on May 16th, 2020!

May 17th opens our second 2020 call

NO ORDINARY MORTALS – which will remain open until August 1st, 2020.