AS YOU WISH! front cover, art by Bill Cavalier
Bill Cavalier’s beautiful cover for AS YOU WISH!

RBE’s homage to all that is glorious about the classical romantic fairytale adventure of THE PRINCESS BRIDE is finally come to publication! AS YOU WISH! is an omnibus anthology of SOMEBODY KILL THE PRINCE! and MOSTLY DEAD!, two open calls RBE hosted over the last few years.

It’s a unique theme, for RBE and in general, and it took some effort to find stories worthy of calling ‘all the good stuff’ — but these tales are the real deals, filled with fun lines, times, and even rhymes. There are diabolical foes, for certain; just as there are loveable heroines and staunch heroes to face them down. You’ll also find survivors and thrivers, dauntless in the face of nasties and triumphant over dastardly trials. This here is all the fun stuff, safe for family readings, destined to bring smiles and warm feelings.

The Kindle version of AS YOU WISH! is in pre-release right now — officially on sale October 16, 2020. Use this multi-market link to order your ebook today, or follow this to buy directly on Amazon US. The print copy will be available soon!

On a more serious note, one of our AYW! contributors succumbed to breast cancer in 2020. Since we’re releasing this title during October, the recognized Breast Cancer Awareness Month, RBE will be donating US$2.00 from each print and US$1.00 from each electronic sale throughout the month to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) at on behalf of Carrie L. Clickard. Thank you in advance for joining Carrie, RBE, and all of those joining the quest to defeat this disease.

Please join Bill Cavalier, Hayley Reese Chow, Carrie L. Clickard, Christopher Degni, Sarina Dorie, Frederic S. Durbin, Gabriel Ertsgaard, Livia Finucci, Jalyn Renae Fiske, M T Ingoldby, Jessica Lévai, T. A. Markitan, Sarah Murray, Meghan K. O’Neill, Henry Ram, Emily Martha Sorensen, Jeff Stewart, J. B. Toner, Keith West, and Ty Johnston and myself in celebrating all that is THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Full cover to AS YOU WISH!