The Home of Heroics is currently under renovations and will return.

Rogue Blades Entertainment books are found on and RBE may be contacted on Facebook or via

Rogue Blades Foundation books are coming soon and RBF may be contacted on Facebook or via

RB will not be announcing any new open calls in 2021. Instead, we will be catching up on all outstanding titles in the following order:

·        RBF: Scott Oden Presents: The Lost Empire of Sol

·        RBE: SLaughter is the Best Medicine

·        RBE: No Ordinary Mortals

·        RBE: We Who are About to Die

·        RBF: Robert E. Howard Changed My Life

·        RBE: Challenge! Stealth

·        RBE: Skovolis: City of Thrones

·        RBE: Assassins: Clash of Steel