Remember the Alamo…under snow

Even as I peck this post out on my phone locked in a hotel, wearing the same clothes for the third day, subsisting on stale donuts, corn nuts, and packets of coffee, I am extremely grateful.

With a full heart I salute all those working in this apocalyptic cold front that’s smothered the all of Texas (first time ever all 254 counties are in a declared snow emergency!):

  • all our first responders of law enforcement, medical, and fire getting to, sorting out, and rescuing the stranded and the injured in ditches and empty vistas and 100-car accidents.
  • all those linemen questing to those gas, water, electric, and fiber lines, finding, repairing, replacing, and restoring heat and water and communication to thousands.
  • all those farm and ranch hands, those tending and hauling trailers of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, what have you, to shows and markets for not abandoning their charges.
  • all those neighbors who brave the outdoors to check on others, the elderly and invalid and silent.

Thank you. You are heroes.

Without you, we wouldn’t survive, frankly.