Even “rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs” require heroes. Or can be heroic. And Robin Sharma should know.

Sharma’s ‘The 11 Things Life’s All About‘ includes reference to heroes multiple times. Robin (and I) wants each of us to live an excellent life, “a legendary life.” How do we achieve this? By being heroic, of course; by being a hero to someone else, unsung, unclaimed, unworshipped–so be it. Accolades are not the point. 4 of Sharma’s 11 Things are the point and specifically speak of heroes and being heroic: to one’s self and to others.

Things 1 and 2 speak of being heroic for the self, while Things 3 and 6 speak of modeling heroics for others. Actually, despite not including such specific words, the remaining 7 Things all reflect personal heroism in some fashion. I find this list to be a terrific illustration of heroic leadership–something we all could use a bit more of these days.

I love Robin Sharma’s appeal for each of us to live to our potential, to live heroically, to live lives that are legendary.