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Like Tina sings, “We don’t need another Hero,” or like Bonnie belts out, “[We] need a Hero.” Who’s correct? Can both be right, even at once?

What if we make it more personal and take that group ‘we’ out of there, and say, “I don’t need another Hero,” or, “I need a Hero.”

One plea is a powerful ballad filled with soul, the other a soulful anthem filled with power. Can both reside in the same individual? Or society?

Honestly, I weary of ‘heroes.’ The word’s lost much of it’s true meaning, and it’s applied in a far too willy-nilly manner. Shoot, everyone’s a hero these days, and when we’re all heroes, no one’s a hero. It’s that reverse pop psychology we modernites like to employ: leveling us all brings equality. Rubbish. Leveling is achieved by dragging everyone down or by forcing us all to be the same.

We’re not all the same, nor are we all on the same level. Some of us are willing to sacrifice for us and even die for others of us. That’s why some of us are actually heroes.

Heroes. We don’t need more same old run of the mill ones; we need real ones. Who really needs heroes? We all do, more than we ever have before.