There’s finally a new book on the block, and this time, it is from Rogue Blades Foundation. This book is about heroes and by heroes!

SCOTT ODEN’S THE LOST EMPIRE OF SOL: A Shared World Anthology of Sword & Planet Tales will soon be in your hands!

M.D. Jackson’s gorgeous cover barely restrains the thrilling tales harnessed within!

Kindle version is US$5.00 and currently in pre-order . . . meaning it will magically appear in your Kindle readers (or shopping carts) on April 23. The print version is US$17.00 but currently in pre-release special pricing from RBF only until it’s actually available to the public date, which should be before April 23.

11 Authors deliver 10 stories about an intergalactic empire’s survival of one major devastation only to face . . . another even worse danger? M.D. Jackson wraps it all up in one suh-weet and glorious cover and adds a grand solar map inside! To top it all off, erudite pulp scholar Fletcher Vredenburgh sets the stage and S&P guru John O’Neill (yes, of Black Gate!) tells us all why S&P is what we need right now.

Foreword, by Fletcher Vredenburgh
Sword & Planet is the Genre We Need, by John O’Neill
Prologue, by Scott Oden
To Save Hermesia, by Joe Bonadonna & David C. Smith
The Lost Princess of Themos, by Tom Doolan
What Really Happened at the Center of the World, by Christopher M. Blanchard
A Sand-Ship of Mars, by Charles Allen Gramlich
Whispers of the Serpent, by Howard Andrew Jones
Outcasts of Jov, by Mark Finn
Written in Lightning, by Keith J. Taylor
Survivors of Ulthula, by E.E. Knight
Hunters of Ice and Sky, by David Hardy
A Gate In Darkness, by Paul R. McNamee
Epilogue, by Scott Oden

Be a hero & buy yourself this book today!