A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about super heroes we needed to see for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I knew I’d have to pen a sister article about villains. After all, what good super hero doesn’t need a super villain? So, here goes.


If you don’t know who Doc Doom is, then you can’t call yourself much of a fan of super hero comic books. Originally a foe of the Fantastic Four, this guy has been around forever as a villain. Okay, maybe not forever, but at least since the early 1960s. He’s the leader of the nation of Latvia, he wears battle armor to hide his scars, and he is a technological genius while also being quite adept in areas of magic. Plus he usually has an army, sometimes of robots, sometimes of soldiers, sometimes both. He has gone toe to toe with many of the most powerful super heroes in the Marvel universe and he has bested them on more than a few occasions, sometimes due to sheer power and sometimes because of his vast intelligence. Why he hasn’t showed up before now in the MCU is beyond me, though I’m guessing it’s because there hasn’t been a Fantastic Four film as of yet. If there is a Fantastic Four movie, Doom almost assuredly will make an appearance, but even if there isn’t a Fantastic Four movie anytime soon, Doom should at least make an appearance soon simply for being perhaps the most popular and recognizable Marvel villain of all time.


Another early Fantastic Four foe, Galactus is an eater of worlds. Really. He travels around the universe, usually with a herald he has appointed to lead the way, and he eats whole planets. He’s even come close to eating Earth a few times but so far has been thwarted by one Marvel character or another. Rumors abound that Galactus will be the main antagonist for Phase 4 and perhaps Phase 5 of the MCU, that he will at least appear in a cameo or three in some of the Marvel movies to be released later this year. It’s also quite likely Galactus will be a bigger threat than Thanos, and that he’s even more powerful than the Infinity Stones. It doesn’t hurt that Galactus is practically the size of a planet himself and that he has godlike powers and technological skills surpassing pretty much anyone. It’s about time he showed himself.


Ruler of the Negative Zone, wielder of the Cosmic Control Rod, and creator of the Annihilation Wave, this insectoid terror has armor and physical abilities which allow him to threaten some of the most powerful heroes Marvel has produced. Another Fantastic Four enemy, Annihilus eventually faced off with the likes of The Avengers and many other Marvel heroes. Seeing danger in all organic lifeforms, Annihilus seeks to destroy sentient life wherever he can find it, and that combined with his powers makes him one serious threat. Maybe he’ll appear in a Fantastic Four film.


M.O.D.O.K. (Mobile Organism Designed for Killing) will be getting his own animated show on HULU starting next month, but that doesn’t make him part of the MCU, at least not yet. The product of an experiment gone wrong, M.O.D.O.K. first faced off with Captain America way back in 1967, but since then he’s gone up against many a Marvel hero. Having the world’s largest brain (thus the size of his head), M.O.D.O.K. has super intelligence, which allows him to create all kinds of powerful gadgets and weapons. On top of that, he has psionic abilities powerful enough to allow him to be a major threat in the MCU. Is he worthy of being a major MCU villain such as Thanos or Galactus? Probably not. But he could definitely stand up against The Avengers for a film or two. That’s if Hollywood can make a giant floating head look dangerous.


This one is actually happening. Kang the Conqueror is supposed to appear as a major character in next year’s movie, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA. So, I’m cheating, but just a little. But who is Kang? In the comics he is a genius from the far future who has learned how to travel through time and has used this capability to amass great power and knowledge. He has gained so much power and knowledge, in fact, that he is more than able to rival Thanos himself, and more than once has gone up against The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.


Having the powers of all four members of the Fantastic Four, Super-Skrull would be no minor threat for MCU heroes. On top of all those powers, he’s also an alien, a Skrull, with the shape shifting abilities of the race. Obviously he originally was a foe of the Fantastic Four, but he’s gone toe to toe with other Marvel heroes and has even played a heroic role himself on occasion. I don’t expect Super-Skrull to appear any time soon, but if the Fantastic Four movies prove popular, perhaps he could be a major villain in a sequel.


Technically speaking, the Scorpion has already showed up in the MCU. At least Mac Gargan, the fellow who becomes the Scorpion, made an appearance in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING as a minor villain. One of Spider-Man’s earliest foes, the Scorpion has super strength and a tail that can batter with massive damage. On occasion that tail has even sported a stinger that shoots forth a laser blast of sorts. He’s not a major threat, not like a Galactus figure, but he would be powerful enough to tackle Spidey. Plus, I’ve always loved the Scorpion ever since he first appeared in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issue 20. So let’s bring him on, please.


Imagine a geneticist so intelligent he can actually create technology which evolves animals to such a high level they are practically human. That would be the High Evolutionary. He first tangled with Thor, but later came up against The Hulk and numerous other super heroes. He’s quite powerful physically, at least in his armor, but he also has plenty of strong mind powers, including telekinesis, telepathy, a sort of cosmic awareness, and more. Usually he doesn’t face his enemies directly but has his evolved beasts do his fighting for him, but he can throw down if he has to. With his combined physical abilities and his mind, he’s more than worthy of being an MCU foe. There’s even some online speculation he might have been the creator of Rocket Raccoon, which means he might show up eventually in a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.


Long story short, Beyonder is basically god in another universe, sometimes called the Beyond Realm. He first appeared during the Secret Wars scenario of the 1980s and has popped in and out of the Marvel universe several times since. He is practically all powerful and unbeatable. Practically. He can do just about anything just by thinking about it. He’s not necessarily a villain, though he is often an antagonist. Sometimes, though, he’s a pretty good guy. If the MCU wants a villain more powerful than anyone else, Beyonder could be it.


Owen Reece was little more than a laboratory technician when one day he fell prey to a technological accident which brought forth his mutant powers. Originally he had the power to alter and control molecules, but later his powers grew and grew and grew until he could manipulate reality itself. Initially a foe of the Fantastic Four in the early 1960s, since he has faced just about every hero in the Marvel universe, including taking part in the Secret Wars. Not always a villain, but sometimes a decent fellow, he is perhaps the most powerful being in all the universe with maybe the exception of Beyonder. Sometimes quite mad, Molecule Man could easily be a major villain for the MCU.


The secret of Hobgoblin’s identity was a major plot thread in Spider-Man comic books for years, but eventually he came to be portrayed by multiple people. A successor of sorts to the Green Goblin, Hobbie was a major Spidey villain in the 1980s and even some thereafter. Usually more deadly than the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin deserves his chance to shine on the big and small screen alike.

Another Marvel villain I’d like to see is Terrax the Tamer. At one point he was a herald of Galactus and a big foe of the Fantastic Four. He’s brutal, powerful, and wields a really big axe. Can someone in Hollywood make this happen?