This Thursday through Sunday, July 29 to August 1, is your chance to meet some of your heroes at GalaxyCon in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the Raleigh Convention Center. Registration hours kick off at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, and following are four days of panels, events, photo ops, meet ups, vendors and more.

Some of the well-known names to appear are William Shatner, Tara Reid, and Stephen Amell. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Also available will be more celebrities, cosplayers, gamers, wrestlers, streamers, authors, artist, entertainers, and plenty of others.

The schedule of events for GalaxyCon is really quite extensive, so there should be something for everyone. Also, there will be plenty of booths for exhibitors, vendors, artists, and other creators, so those with a penchant for picking up collectibles should have no trouble finding something of interest.

And if you happen to be walking the halls of GalaxyCon Raleigh this week, make sure to stop by the Heroes in Action booth to say “Hi!” to me, Ty Johnston, as I’ll be helping out there from time to time and will have plenty of collectible items available.