The pre-launch Kickstarter campaign has been in full swing since May 1st. We surpassed 100 followers as we crossed into July, with about one more month before the fundraising begins.

Mark your calendars for August 22 – that is the day to make your stand! Bring all your friends and share the great news everywhere – 8/22 is the day to let the heavens roar and the oceans sing the news of the greatest Sword & Sorcery Attitude title of all-time!

News and names have been appearing around the web, but so far the complete roster of authors in NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD‘s ToC has not been discovered. Will you be the first person to put them all together?

Keith West shared some names over at his Adventures Fantastic. Brian Murphy joined in name-dropping at his The Silver Key. Even Black Gate Magazine let Seth Lindberg share some news. David A. Riley may have gotten the biggest scoop thus far, with an interview with two more names over at Parallel Universe Publications.

Podcasts with some of your favorite hosts have been and will be recorded with even more names! Some names have even snuck out through infographics or the Whetstone Discord (invite good for 7 days only!) or even the RBE Facebook page.

Ever wonder about the Riddle of S&S? It’s all in the Attitude, baby! 

Back RBE’s final anthology and help share the answer with the world!