The full wrap around cover, art from M.D. Jackson. Click to Kickstarter campaign.

Mortals Rejoice!

Here now, for your viewing and sharing pleasure, is the full cover reveal for NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD. Jaw-dropping art comes courtesy of the one and only M.D. Jackson, who delivered thrills beyond my simple textual requests. Very cool design input created by J.M. Martin, who brought a 300-ish vibe I totally dig. I am The Rogue, and I have declared this good.

If the Kickstarter fundraising campaign is wildly successful there will be an alternate, KS-only cover offered through a stretch goal. That cover will be created and designed by the same team and is known as ‘The Black Cover’ — this one is ‘The Red Cover.’ I’m thankful to get these covers AND the interior art from Mike, who (like yours truly) is also retiring.

That’s correct! Again, so long as the magic of Kickstarter comes through, we will have interior art introducing each story in beautiful, two-page spreads. 

Mike will also be sketching the primary weapons of each character for all of the stories. I’m sure looking forward to these pieces, so I’m very much hoping to reach the stretch goals!

Front cover closeup.
Back cover closeup and Authors list - thus far!

Crom, Sheelba, and the Heavenly Chorus sang Hallelujah!

When they saw this list of authors! 17 hard-hitting storytellers are sharing stories of indomitable characters — make that 18 or even 19 if the special stretch goals are hit! That’s right: one additional well-known and long-time professional writer joins the lineup if funding hits! And if the crescendoing wave continues, a 19th slot will open for all campaign backers to submit!

Even Azathoth danced at that!

So far there are 6 new characters appearing for the first time ever AND 11 popular returning characters — with 2 origin stories! Are you ready for further mercenary mirth and powerful adventures from the likes of Bohun, Calthus, Nasach, Irons, Oba, and Greasy Bob?! Or to learn the horrors that birthed the never-say-die Kormak and Gnori!? How about facing down the fiercest of foes with Creon, Shinzutoro, and Fergus?!!

Kickstarter Campaign for NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD Opens 8/22!

For those warriors ready to brave the challenge — here’s the treasure map of possible submission information…will it lead to the Holy Grail?

OPEN CALL: ADDING ATTITUDE – All NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD Kickstarter project backers will be eligible to submit a 5,000-7,000 word story meeting my S&S Attitude criteria for the opportunity for one (1) to be selected for inclusion. That’s right: I will select 1 story submitted by backers for addition to the TOC! All authors will also get $$ bump — including our newest. **I will reserve 1 slot in NBNY for a story by 1 backer. Pledge at any amount and if our Stretch Goal OPEN CALL: ADDING ATTITUDE Part 2 is met, you are eligible to submit one story! Watch for the announcement when we surpass our Stretch Goal and open submissions. Complete information on submitting will be provided at that time. Story selection will be decided by the Day of Might 10/23/23.

Those of you familiar with my Rogue Blades submission process will recall that I request the first 500 words only for consideration. Any further progress will depend upon how well the author uses that opening to snag my attention and interest and deliver upon the 3 RBE criteria:

  • Does it deliver quality heroic adventure?
  • Does it deliver on the theme?
  • Does the storytelling regale?

This anthology’s theme? The solution to the Riddle of Sword & Sorcery: The S&S Attitude!