Hello Fellow Warriors!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 is quite the important date in the annals of Heroic Fantasy. It is the day from which all future conversations about the meaning of Sword & Sorcery will begin. It is a day that will live eternally, celebrated and acclaimed as the start of a new revolution, the defining moment of the most powerful genre . . . IF you are there to aid its fulfillment!

Harken to this call to arms and render unto all the heavens the war songs of your clans! For we in truth surge to battle this day and the ensuing 24 days. The fight for survival will be fierce — but we will rise to the challenge, indomitable in the face of all oppression! For it is not mere survival we pursue! It is for the domination of life, the supremacy of our wills, that we defy the odds.

So come, enter the fray with me this day. Fight, and NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD!

Begin the adventure with this podcast discussion hosted by Dark Worlds Quarterly.