NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD is headed for your hands, eyeballs, and hearts!

Y’all did it! Much appreciation is due everyone – especially the 214 folks who backed this Kickstarter campaign. Without the pledges, the exposure, the encouragement, and the belief, getting this stupendous anthology of S&S Attitude to you would have taken a bit longer and faced an obstacle or two. But no more of that — we have a funded book!


For those who may not have seen the backer update or the news on the Kickstarter Story, here’s some exciting info!

We hit some astounding milestones while uniting to achieve this singular goal:

  • 42% of followers were backers!
  • 35% of those who started my crazy video finished it! (It never dipped below 33% after a high of almost 44%!)
  • 20% of pledges came via Facebook; 9% from Kickstarter’s own internal suggestions; 4% from the last chance email reminder. Even more fun, backers came from the Goodreads Sword & Sorcery: “An earthier sort of fantasy” group, Brian Murphy’s Silver Key blog, and, of course, from John O’Neill’s Black Gate website!
  • The project funded in 30.5 hours, garnered the Kickstarter ‘Project We Love’ stamp, nailed down 5 Stretch Goals, and sold out of ALL 84 Early Backer Rewards!
  • Most importantly, we added 2 authors to the TOC, bringing the grand total of S&S Attitude Storytellers to 19!

That’s correct! We hit the Adding Attitude Stretch Goal Open Call!

Just under 3 hours before closing the campaign, we crossed our Rubicon and Submissions opened!

All 214 backers are eligible to submit a Sword & Sorcery Attitude story to be considered for inclusion in NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD

Stories must be 5,000 – 7,000 words in length and filled with my S&S Attitude! The minimum is a must, and there is NO multiple submissions — so submit wisely. Submissions are open until 12noon CST, October 19, 2023. Please send the FIRST 500 WORDS ONLY with the subject line: SUBMISSION NBNY – [your last name] – [story title] to No cover letter or author information is necessary, however, please include the total word count of the story and whether the protagonist is a returning or new character. If you backed this project under a name different than what you submit, you should tell me that also so I can confirm eligibility. If your first 500 words pique my interest, I will request the complete story. (Submissions sent before/after the submission period will not be read; submissions that send more than requested won’t be read; submissions from non-backers will not be read.)

I have already received submissions, so the ball is rolling. I will keep tabulations and share all numbers of submissions, requests for full stories, and final contenders around or about the same time I announce the selected story and author on THE DAY OF MIGHT, October 23, 2023!

Don’t forget those remaining extra special story illustrations still available! Don’t let these one-of-a-kind pieces get away! If you’re interested in procuring them outside of Kickstarter they are US$200 plus shipping and come with an ecopy and physical copy of NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD.

Again, I truly thank you for helping this book to happen. I am quite thrilled to put this title together and into your hands.

Jason M Waltz @ Rogue Blades Entertainment

A slice of M.D. Jackson's illustration for C.L. Werner's story "Hunters and Prey"