It has been 13 years since RBE published the expanded version of the first title in Armand Rosamilia’s Carnifex Press Clash of Steel series. Carnifex released 3 titles in the CoS line before closing. I loved Armand’s concept and intentions, and reached out to see how we could keep the series going. RBE ended up being the new owner and quickly ran with the DEMON title.

We expanded the contents from 12 stories to 28 and landed an exciting Johnney Perkins demon-slaying cover. We also did a first for RBE and printed the interior in columns (saving on paper). That was also in the earlier days of ebooks and PDFs pretty much ruled the day. Unfortunately, when I converted the print file to PDF, I did not remove the columns. And the groans about reading this book in electronic format have been loud…but finally long enough!

This edition of DEMONS: CLASH OF STEEL is the third cover version (still of Johnney’s artwork), and still holds all 28 stories. The columns are gone, the opening text is newly rewritten, and the book is dedicated to Robert Mancebo, a grand storytelling friend we lost in 2023.

3rd Edition Demons cover
2023 DEMONS front cover
2023 DEMONS back cover