Just under one week from this posting the NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD Open Submission Call will close . . . if you were a backer, have you sent your opening 500 words yet?

M.D. Jackson illustration for C.L. Werner's story in NBNY
M.D. Jackson's opening illustration for C.L. Werner's opening story "Hunters and Prey" in NBNY

14 full stories have been requested thus far. With only 7 days remaining, the odds of acceptance into this most awesome of all Sword & Sorcery Anthologies of all-time are greatly in your favor! I will be reading all the full stories I have received between Thursday and Sunday evenings, October 19th through 22nd. Watch for the announcement here of who will join the NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD ToC sometime during the Day of Might, Monday, October 23rd. We will learn on that day whose story will get another of M.D. Jackson’s stunning illustrations like that above! 

If the Skull permits, we might just see a second announcement on that holiest of S&S Days too — so stay close to your screens!