I have 18 thrilling stories and 13 exciting illustrations in hand! These are some dynamite tales with some gorgeous black-and-white art! I can’t wait for everyone to be reading and seeing these! Don’t forget: the artist is creating and signing only three high quality prints of each story illustration — grab one before they’re gone!

We are, however, going to experience a small delay. I optimistically aimed for having NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD in your hands for Christmas. This will no longer be possible. Never fear! 

I am working with the two authors who requested additional time. Not much, but with holiday times ahead, both printing and shipping become more laborious and delayed. Rather than attempt to force the issue, we have adjusted and will release the book in January 2024. Backers will still receive their copies before the book is available to the general public.

Additionally, there is one author who most likely will not be contributing a story sadly. There is the slim possibility with this extension that he could still turn something in, but there are matters more pressing he must attend to. We wish him all the best and thank all of you for understanding.