2024 brings some changes to Rogue Blades Entertainment. Today the Kindle version of RBE’s final new anthology dropped. Kickstarter backers have had their copies since early January. A few reviews have appeared, with more intended from today onward. Unfortunately, print versions of NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD are delayed by ‘technical difficulties’ it seems.

That’s right — there’s apparently some technical issues at the hardcover facility since December. I’ve been waiting for the hardcover proof for awhile and finally, after some digging and some adroitly worded queries, finally learned this. So the print release of NBNY will be delayed until I can confirm quality production. I hope that this is resolved during February, but this is not under my control. Once production is approved and happening, Kickstarter backers will get their rewards first. Then I will publicly release NBNY in trade paperback and hardcover. More positive news: pre-orders on the NBNY Kindle were the highest of any RBE pre-order!

In other news, in case you hadn’t heard, I am retiring from publishing with this title. Sometime during 2024 I will release the Kaimer collection SKOVOLIS: CITY OF THRONES, but there will be no new open calls from RBE. In the future I may still release SLAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE and ASSASSINS: CLASH OF STEEL, but this depends upon funds and time, and so I make no promises.

RBE would not have lasted as long as it did nor published the titles it did without the help and encouragement of a number of folks. From volunteer slush readers and tireless promoters to amiable artists and eager authors, I never could have accomplished this alone. I am proud of what RBE produced and quite happy with the titles that bear my name. Thank you for being part of RBE’s legacy.

NBNY joins a fine family!