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RBF's Ring of Heroes

Donors are our strength, the metal in our resolution.


RBF's publishing activities deliver on our purpose to put heroics in print in any readers' hands. RBF's efforts, energies, and expenditures are all designed to achieve its vision of a global appreciation of heroic literature and the universal embrace of heroic ideals. YOU give us the power to accomplish this vision and our mission through YOUR generosity and encouragement.


The five rings below bear the names of mythical mighty metals, each of which was at one point in time declared the strongest metal in the universe. These metals serve as perfect descriptors of RBF's legion of supporters, without whom we would assuredly stumble in our heroic mission. Each entity displayed below identifies a person or organization whose support has strengthened that ring and brought RBF one step closer to achieving its vision.

RBF is organized exclusively for charitable and literary purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, our ID#84-3489417. The full amount of your donations, including fees, is tax-deductible in the U.S., though donors should consult with their own tax advisers. RBF has been recognized as a non-profit organization by each of the donation partners provided on our Donate page. We have also been awarded a Bronze Seal by GuideStar, the world's 'premier nonprofit database.'

 Thank you!

It is YOUR help that makes the difference

in RBF's mission success as we continue

to put the Heroics in Reading!

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Mithril Ring

Light, agile, and strong, these are the RBF supporters whose steadfastness never fades.

Rogue Blades Foundation is a nonprofit literary publisher supported by the donations of readers, enthusiasts, and like-minded individuals like YOU. Support from generous individuals, corporate giving programs, private foundations, and government programs helps make the publication of our books possible.


All donations go toward achieving our vision of a global appreciation of heroic literature and the universal embrace of the heroic ideals . . . in other words: Putting heroic values into print and into hands and hearts!


Money received helps pay authors and artists for contributing to our projects, such as our personal salute to one of the founders of heroic literature, Robert E. Howard Changed My Life. Money donated also helps us pursue other projects, such as an examination of the relationship between heroic storytelling and PTSD, or biographical anthologies of first responders, or a series called Introducing Heroics, collections of forewords and afterwords found across heroic genres.


We need your help. Donations of any amount are welcomed and acknowledged with gratefulness and inclusion to our Ring of Heroes on the right. RBF will publicly display your personal or organizational name (unless anonymity is requested) on our list of Donors. Donations are cumulative, so as you donate, no matter how much you donate at once, your total will continue to accrue for as long as you choose to donate, potentially moving you through the Rings.


To join our Ring of Heroes, visit our Donate page. All of the people displayed have donated to RBF, many of them more than once. If you enjoy heroes and believe heroic values should be emulated, consider uniting with these donors today. We are grateful to you and our many readers around the world, and we are delighted to acknowledge your vital and continuing support.


Duranium Ring

Durable and formidable, these are the RBF donors whose support is legendary.

Vibranium Ring

Potent, tenacious, and energetic, the vigor of these RBF supporters resonates around the world.

Adamant Ring

Indestructible and mighty, the support of these donors for RBF's mission and values is unbreakable.

Amazonium Ring

Impervious wonders, these are the supporters who go above and beyond in embracing RBF's vision and goals.

Matthew Drought, Bruce Durham, Keith West, Paul Wittine, Matt John, Eadwine Brown, Adrian Benson, Logan Whitney, S.E. Lindberg, Casey Pulpan, David C. Smith, Joe Bonadonna, Gregory Mele, Henry Ram, Donna J. Stewart, Eric Frisch, Nikki Becker, Shaun Cuttill, Margaret Crutchfield, Todd Vick, Richard Stein, Jake Elmi, Christopher Robin

John O'Neill

Gregory Sharp

Thank you for making the difference!