We put the HERO into Heroics!

Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE) is a micro publisher of the full spectrum of heroic adventure and speculative fiction genres. RBE seeks to ignite an appreciation for the tales of true heroes infused with the vigor and excitement of pulp-era fiction for today's readers. As publishers of heroics from the fantastical to the historical to the inspirational, "We put the HERO into Heroics!" Return of the Sword is not just the title of our first publication—it's our mission. RBE aims to reinvigorate an Age of Heroes by publishing anthologies of powerful stories, dramatic sagas, epic verse, and awe-inspiring art. Our goal is to sharpen the once finely-edged energy and vigor of the pulp-era adventure tales and hone them into a new, Xtreme edge of excitement and excellence! Readers who enjoy fantastical realms of high adventure will find heroic tales of sword and sorcery, superheroes, wild westerns, heroic fantasy, space voyages, historical adventure, and anything else that puts heroes and heroines into our books. We deliver the hardhitting, fast-paced tales of ringing steel and dark magics found in the epic battles of lore and myth, updated and written for the modern reader. Honor, duty, courage—sure, they're here, but so are opportunity, freedom, and survival. Rely on RBE for adrenaline-driving, Xtreme adventure!

"An age undreamed of . . . the days of high adventure!"
~ the Wizard Akiro, narrator of the
Conan the Barbarian movie