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RBE's first Western is plenty weird and all about cowboys and aliens. Good ol' fun tales of the Wild West filled with shoot-outs and war paint and gold rushes and stagecoach robberies and alien technology. Tales wherein sometimes the denizens of the West win and sometimes the invaders from darkest space triumph. Stories set in the era of the American West yet include some form of alien life dropping from and yearning to return to the sky. Authors include: David W. Amendola, Kristen Brand, Stan Dryer, D. K. Latta, C. L. Phillips, Henry Ram, Robert J. Santa, Michael J. Stiehl, Allison Tebo, Patrick Thomas, J. B. Toner, Simon Young & Jasmine Brown, and Logan Whitney. Cover art by Logan Whitney. Foreword by Charles Gramlich. Edited by Jason M Waltz.

Exactly what it sounds like--pulpy battle royale with a smile! This anthology goes back to RBE's roots and seeks true Heroic Fantasy tales in the ways of Low Fantasy and any of the 'Sword and' genres. Edged blades and multiple deaths in one fell swoop, for the more dead, the merrier, as they say. Authors include: Edward Ahern, David Bischoff, G. J. Dunn, Bruce Durham, Michael Ehart, Rayne Hall, Howard Andrew Jones, Daniel Loring Keating, Jason M. McCuiston, Gregory D. Mele, DJ Tyrer, C. L. Werner, W. E. Wertenberger, Keith West, and Chad A. B. Wilson. Cover art by Bill Cavalier. Foreword by Eadwine Brown. Edited by Jason M Waltz.

What's in a CHALLENGE!? Well, an invitation. Most importantly, there is a challenger. Someone accepted, someone dared, someone refused to stand down. These covers hold a delightful smorgasbord of enthralling tales filled with surprising locales, exciting fights, and entertaining action; tales bursting with stealthy finesse of the finest vintage. Authors include: Harold Barksdale, Charlie Chapple, Craig Comer, Christine Lucas, Jonathan Moeller, Henry Ram, Daniel Robichaud, Seth Skorkowsky, Frederick Tor, Robert Rhodes, and Fletcher Vredenburgh. Cover art by Storn Cook. Judged by Storn Cook, John O'Neill, and Mary Rosenblum. Edited by Jason M Waltz.

Skovolis. City of Time. City of Names. City of Thrones. City of Kaimer. Reaver, warrior, thief; scout, clansman, mercenary; guard, prisoner, killer. Kaimer's cold, green eyes, like shadowed emeralds, have seen many of the secrets hidden in Skovolis' depths and know the faces of many who sit Skovo​lis' thrones. They believe they rule Skovolis'​ ​​many streets, but​ ​​it is he who walks them all. By RBE House Author Frederick Tor, with help from Jack Mackenzie, Jason M Waltz, Bill Ward, and Peter Welmerink. Cover art by M.D. Jackson. Curated by Jason M Waltz.

A Heroic Anthology of the Wild & Weird West

A Heroic Anthology of Mayhem & Mirth in Melee

A Challenge! Anthology

A Kaimer Collection

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Not every hero survives intact. All heroes pay a cost, some the ultimate sacrifice. WWAATD examines sacrifice as key to heroism. These are tales of loss. Heroes die. And they lose things greater than life: Family. Freedom. Innocence. Faith. Ideals. Heroes die--but this is not just a book of dead heroes. Character-driven storytelling in all the 'Sword-and-' genres: Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, Sword & Sandal, Sword & Soul, Sword & Six-gun. 13-15 stories. Authors include: Cover photography from Peter Gnas. As inspired by and foreword to be written by David Pitchford. Edited by Jason M Waltz.


A Heroic Anthology of Sacrifice

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A Heroic Anthology of Supers

Super-powered pulp heroes. Super Beings & Wondrous Entities with a single power who fight crime or villains. Good folks versus bad folks, no gray areas, no amorality, no Byronic heroes, and no non-powered heroes. Think of characters like Doc Savage, the Rocketeer, Zorro, The Phantom, and Flash Gordon, but with powers and ideals like Superman and Wonder Woman (in their earlier renditions). No Punisher, Logan, or even The Batman. It also means no Superman or Wonder Woman with those surplus of powers. Blatantly heroic original-to-the-author-only characters with no ambiguity in their pursuit of stopping villainous behavior. Cover art from Logan Whitney. Edited by Jason M Waltz.

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