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We put the HEROICS in reading!



They are everywhere one looks, some declared loudly, idolized by worshipping fans, blasphemed by foes . . . or  barely visible, ignored as they rush to rescue or stand tall, adored by those they protect, unseen by the rest. Hero can be turned into idol by frenzy, twisted into god by vanity. 'Hero' can be spat as a vulgarity in the wrong moment far too easily. Yet a true hero pays a price for that heroism, often a costly, costly price—often without hesitation. We make heroes every day; some we appoint, some volunteer. We also tear down heroes just as regularly. It can be said a people are defined by their heroes.


So RBF strives to present heroes by which we should seek definition. It’s our mission statement: the pursuit of true heroism to be shared across the globe with today's readers and tomorrow's leaders. Our future needs calibration against a known standard, so we owe it to ourselves to find and focus on true qualities of heroics: loyalty, ethics, courage, credibility, integrity, steadfastness, stewardship, responsibility, leadership, and love. We want to connect the world’s youth—and our future leaders—across cultures, nationalities, eras, and genders by encouraging a love of the written word, bringing a more vibrant literary community locally and globally.


Rogue Blades Foundation (RBF) is a not-for-profit literary publisher of all that is heroic. We welcome you to explore our website, read about our mission and goals, review our current and pending projects, and visit our support pages. We hope you seriously consider joining us in membership and contributing toward our efforts through purchase and donation. Help us change the world one book and one reader at a time


—Be someone's Hero today!

Thank you for your support!