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A collection of personal essays examining the influence of REH and many of his characters on the lives of 32 contributors: Barbara Barrett, Barbara Ingram Baum, Fred Blosser, Rusty Burke, Bill Cavalier, Becky Cloonan, Adrian Cole, Nancy A. Collins, Bobby Derie, Jason Durall, Steven Erikson, Mark Finn, Jaym Gates, Christopher A. Gruber, Dierk Günther, David Hardy, John C. Hocking, Cecelia Holland, Matthew John, Howard Andrew Jones, Karen Joan Kohoutek, Joe R. Lansdale, Patrice Louinet, Michael Moorcock, Scott Oden, Deuce Richardson, Charles R. Saunders, Jeffrey Shanks, David C. Smith, Keith J. Taylor, Roy Thomas, Todd B. Vick, and C.L. Werner. Afterword by Janet Morris. SPECIAL REH RECOMMENDED READING LIST from contributors. Cover art by Didier Normand. Edited by Jason M Waltz.

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Personal Essays about an Extraordinary Legacy

ISBN 9780578661759 | 316 pages | 122k words | US$42.00 | Kindle ASIN: xxxxxxxxxx | US$9.99


A portion of each sale of the hardcover and electronic book will be donated by RBF to Project Pride, the agency that sustains the Howard Home and Museum in Cross Plains, Texas, each year.


An Anthology of Sword and Planet Tales

Titles Coming Soon from RBF

An exciting repository of the tales of an Empire that pre-dates recorded history. A spectacular homage of ten 'romantic tales of high adventure' by Christopher M. Blanchard, Joe Bonadonna & David C. Smith, Tom Doolan, Mark Finn, Charles Allen Gramlich, Dave Hardy, Howard Andrew Jones, E.E. Knight, Paul R. McNamee, Scott Oden, and Keith J. Taylor. Cover art by M.D. Jackson. Edited by Jason M Waltz and Fletcher Vredenburgh.

ISBN xxxxxxxxxxxxx | 200 pages |

90k words | US$17.00 | Kindle ASIN: xxxxxxxxxx | US$5.99

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