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ISBN 978-0982053607

| 6x9 TPB | 342 pages | 142k words 

| US$14.00 

| Kindle ASIN: B0045Y1O2K | US$3.99

Return to the days of true adventure in these 20 tales, including a Harold Lamb classic and a bonus essay from E. E. Knight on the art of storytelling. Join fierce warriors in savage battles of survival and supremacy. Witness their struggles and sacrifices. Marvel at their mighty deeds. Close upon the heels of Howard's Conan, Moorcock's Elric, and Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser come the heroes of today: Ninshi, Brom, Kabar, Sigurd, Morlock, and Gerhard and Ez-Arod. Unsheathe your sword and follow in their steps if you dare. Authors include: Stacey Berg, S.C. Bryce, Jeff Draper, Bruce Durham, Michael Ehart, Phil Emery, James Enge, Steve Goble, Angeline Hawkes, Nicholas Ian Hawkins, Christopher Heath, Ty Johnston, E.E. Knight, Harold Lamb, Allen B. Lloyd & William Clunie, Thomas M. MacKay, Nathan Meyer, David M. Pitchford, Robert Rhodes, Jeff Stewart, and Bill Ward. Cover art by Johnney Perkins. Foreword and edited by Jason M Waltz.


A Heroic Anthology of Sword & Sorcery

Rogue Blades Presents Signature Series #1

"Return of the Sword is at least an equal to any of the Carter or Offutt collections. It's damn exciting."

~ Fletcher A Vredenburgh @ Stuff I Like