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Who We Are




In all seriousness, while it's most likely not you behind this website or soliciting funds or entreating contributors to join new projects or any of a myriad of other often unseen functions, it is only because of you those roles are filled and those tasks are shouldered. It is due to you and your encouragement and your support that RBF has people to sit its board and share its responsibilities. Thanks to you, RBF can pursue its vision to put heroics into print and into hands and hearts around the globe. Only with the power you wield when you decide to share our mission and give your money do the people listed here matter. Without you there is no us. Change the world—help Rogue Blades Foundation put the Heroics in Reading!


Thank you for being a supporter of RBF. 


Officers and Members of the Board

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Ty Johnston

Reader, writer, editor, publisher, and general promoter of the heroic. Grandfather, husband, father, and Texas rancher too. I believe in heroes, and in the reading and sharing of heroes, so that's why putting heroes into heroics for all readers is important to me. My reading delights run from David Gemmell, Robert E. Howard, and Steven Erikson to Max Brand, Louis L'Amour, and John Benteen to Barry Sadler, Alistair MacLean, and Robert Ludlum to Alexandre Dumas, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Percy Bysshe Shelley. As for my own writing, lots of stacks of paper exist, but Direk, Lord of Vengeance is my S&S-style character, and Victory: Thoughts and Poetry of Battle is a collaboration showcasing some of my poetry.

Jason M Waltz

Rogue Blades Foundation (RBF) is

Jason M Waltz

Ty Johnston

Tammy Waltz

Executive Director / President

Director At-Large / Vice President

Secretary / Treasurer

Originally from Kentucky, Ty Johnston is a former newspaper editor who now lives in North Carolina while penning tales of epic fantasy, horror and other literature. Ty lists Steven Erikson, Alexandre Dumas père, and Fred Saberhagen among the authors he most enjoys. When not writing or reading, he enjoys hiking, longswording, beer, tabletop role-playing games, target shooting, and his girlfriend. Not always in that order. He is the author of several fantasy series, including The Kobalos Trilogy, The Sword of Bayne Trilogy, and The Walking Gods Trilogy.