Beyond This Point There Be The Works of Jason M Waltz

Jason M Waltz believes in heroes. He’s published them through his micro-press Rogue Blades Entertainment and literary non-profit Rogue Blades Foundation. He’s taught creating and writing them through his writing program, The Write Side of the Road. He’s read of them forever. He’s tried to be heroic himself. And now he’s writing of them. Mostly in fantastical adventures featuring swords, but there are other creations out there too. With several acceptances and publications in late 2023, and the release of his final anthology NEITHER BEG NOR YIELD from RBE in early 2024, Jason is excited to transition into writing more of his own works.

Vengeance is My Pact Direk Volumes Book 2 (2020)
Victory: Thoughts and Poetry of Battle (2019)
Vengeance is My Lord's Direk Volumes Book 1 (2016)
Tales of the Black Arts (2014)
Azieran Adventures Presents: Artifacts and Relics (2013)
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Iss8 (2011)
Coach's Midnight Diner: The Back from the Dead Edition (2009)
Flashing Swords Magazine Vol2 Iss8 (2007)
Over the Rainbow Vol 1 (1990)
Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy Vol7 (2023)
Savage Realms Monthly Vol23 (2023)
Monster Fight at the OK Corral (2023)
Swords and Heroes (2023)
Whetstone Iss7 (2023)
Hither Came Conan (2023)
A Book of Blades (2022)
Whetstone Iss5 (2022)