Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE) is about HEROES, and heroes exist in every genre. Fantasy may be our flagship, but our fleet is full, it is strong, it is larger-than-life, it always surges forward, and it endures. Heroes are embedded in the world’s soul, integral to every cultural fabric. They dominate our legends from the men and women of history to the denizens of our literary worlds. The stories we tell each other begin and end with heroes. RBE publishes heroes and we want to put those heroes into your hands. From sword & sorcery to epic fantasy to historical adventure to swashbucklers, even to writing advice and other nonfiction, RBE updates the iconic heroic characters of yesteryear for today’s adventurous readers. RBE is invigorating a new age of heroes by publishing dramatic sagas wrapped in awe-inspiring art. RBE’s goal is to hone the once-finely edged energy and vigor of the myths, legends, and pulp-era tales and characters with excitement and excellence into a resurgence of ‘the days of high adventure!’ Rely on RBE’s hard-hitting, fast-paced titles for the ultimate in adrenaline-driving entertainment at economical prices for modern readers!



We want to share heroes and heroic ideals with everyone around the globe.


We will proactively partner with authors, artists, and other creators, and work in cooperation with other originators and proponents of heroic entertainment, to pursue, publish, promote, and perpetuate high quality heroic literary entertainment.


We share core heroic values of quality, consistency, diversity, integrity, responsibility, transparency, accountability, and loyalty with our partners and customers.


  • To reliably produce  entertaining material that is appreciative and inspiring of the heroic form in all cultures, nationalities, eras, and genders.
  • To loyally be transparent and communicative with our customers, authors, artists, volunteers, and supporters.
  • To consistently seek out and recognize literary talent and the ability to entertain.
  • To be persistently cognizant of the importance of literary pursuit and preservation.
  • To regularly create memorable and/or recognizable works of quality consistent with our mission.
  • To steadily possess a recognized expertise on quality heroic literary entertainment.