As You Wish!: A Heroic Anthology of All the Good Parts (Rogue Blades Presents #4)

AS YOU WISH! is an anthology of fun, family-safe tales covered in a colorful piece of art that hints at the dangerous thrills to be discovered within. These 19 classical romantic adventures bring homage to one of the most well-known and loved stories of all time — William Goldman’s THE PRINCESS BRIDE. This omnibus includes SOMEBODY KILL THE PRINCE! — diabolical machinations defeated — and MOSTLY DEAD! — diabolical tortures defeated — through all the mostly ‘good parts’ of heroic family entertainment with true love and loyalty.

“…stories ranged from comical, to plays on puns, to pure fantasy and much more. This book is worth the price.”

~ Jwg1987, Amazon

Includes: Hayley Reese Chow, Carrie L. Clickard, Christopher Degni, Sarina Dorie, Gabriel Ertsgaard, Livia Finucci, Jalyn Renae Fiske, M T Ingoldby, Jessica Lévai, T. A. Markitan, Kate Martin, Sarah Murray, Meghan K. O’Neill, Henry Ram, Emily Martha Sorensen, Jeff Stewart, J. B. Toner, and Keith West. Cover art by Bill Cavalier. Foreword by Frederic S. Durbin. Edited by Jason M Waltz and Ty Johnston.


PRINT: US$14.00, 107k words, 7×10 TPB, 190 pages, ISBN 9798694050654
ELECTRONIC: US$4.00 Amazon Kindle

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