Death’s Sting–Where Art Thou?: A Heroic Anthology of Immortal Protagonists (Rogue Blades Presents #3)

14 Gothic Sword & Sorcery tales about immortals in the vein of Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane, Barry Sadler’s Casca, Steven Erikson’s Rhulad Sengar and Kallor, and Dennis O’Neil’s Rā’s al Ghūl. Dark tales of those who return from death, victorious over death’s sting–or horrifyingly despite! Who wants to live forever?

“A fun, pulpy anthology of sword and sorcery and weird west tales featuring gore-spattered immortals.”

~ Alex, Goodreads

Includes: Alfred D. Byrd, Eadwine Brown, Liam Hogan, Matthew John, Brandie June, Daniel Loring Keating, D. K. Latta, KT Morley, Kate Runnels, J. B. Toner, Tony-Paul de Vissage, Dawn Vogel, Keith West, and Logan Whitney. Cover art by Célestin Nanteuil & Jason M Waltz. Foreword by Adrian Cole. Selected by Jason M Waltz & Edited by Ty Johnston.

PRINT: US$15.00, 74k words, 5×8 TPB, 246 pages, ISBN 9798612896180
ELECTRONIC: US$4.00 Amazon Kindle

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