Demons (Clash of Steel #1)

Brand New 3rd Edition

Updated electronic format, revamped cover, new introductory text, non-columnar print interior, and dedicated to longtime RBE friend, fan, and storyteller, Robert Mancebo.


When the gates of Hell open, who stands between Man and the Abyss? From mankind’s infancy, people have huddled in the dark, drawing signs in the air, muttering quiet prayers, quivering with dread at what roams in the night. Demons. Creatures of the Darkness. Evil spirits riding dark winds. And mankind trembled. Yet a few stood, drew steel imbued with magic to hue spirit as well as flesh, and walked out into the night to meet the foes of mortal men. Join the struggle in these 28 masterful tales of adventure and mayhem as heroes, forged as ‎strong as the steel they wield, defy foes from the realms of nightmare.‎ 

“A stellar concept for a collection…delivers some entertaining tales.”

~ S.E. Lindberg, Goodreads

Includes: Darla J. Bowen, Brian Dolton, Phil Emery, Sandro G. Franco, Steve Goble, Jonathan Green, Christopher Heath, Jason Irrgang, Elaine Isaak, Ty Johnston, Murray J.D. Leeder, Bryan Lindenberger, Rob Mancebo, Jonathan Moeller, Steve Moody, Trista Robichaud, Robert J. Santa, Ron Shiflet, Steven L. Shrewsbury, Christopher Stires, Patrick Thomas, Frederick Tor, Laura J. Underwood, Carl Walmsley, Bill Ward, C.L. Werner and Mas Williams. Cover art by Johnney Perkins. Foreword by Armand Rosamilia. Edited by Jason M Waltz.


PRINT: US$16.00, 108k words, 6×9 TPB, 228 pages, ISBN 9798863079608
ELECTRONIC: US$4.00 Amazon Kindle

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