Neither Beg Nor Yield: Stories with S&S Attitude (Signature Series #3)

RBE believes S&S is an attitude that can be delivered in a multitude of genres. We do not believe the setting, atmosphere, or even the accoutrements, determine a story is Sword & Sorcery. Sure, all of that done right makes for quite the exciting and entertaining story…that could be S&S. However, it is the attitude of the protagonist(s) — and even the storyteller — that determines that. The S&S Attitude requires only that our protagonist have (1) an indomitable, passionate will to LIVE FULLY in the face of any and all odds (LIVE!ism–if you watched my Kickstarter video introducing the NBNY campaign you understand this concept) and (2) a nonchalant mercenary motivation by which s/he reward themselves wherein typically they willingly sacrifice any other gain in the pursuit of additional, further, more difficult, more dangerous, PERSONAL CHALLENGE. In other words, the S&S Attitude protagonist lives life to the max!

This title is RBE’s last publication. I wanted it to be the greatest Sword & Sorcery anthology of all time — my gift to readers. I think we nailed it with 20 spectacular tales from Dominating Storytellers, all thrillingly illustrated by a Talented Artist. This isn’t just my gift — it is a present from All of Us. We know you’ll enjoy it.

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”

~ Charles Bukowski

“Life is not breath but action.”

~ Jean Jacques Rousseau

“Laugh or die.”

~ Angélique Kidjo

“‘I think of Life!’ Conan roared.”

~ Robert E. Howard in “The Pool of the Black One”

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Features: Eadwine Brown, Adrian Cole, Glen Cook, Steve Dilks, Chuck Dixon, Phil Emery, Steven Erikson, John R. Fultz, Steve Goble, John C. Hocking, Howard Andrew Jones, William King, Joe R. Lansdale, Scott Oden, Jeff Stewart, Keith J. Taylor, Eric Turowski, Frederick Tor & Bill Ward, Lawrence A. Weinstein, and C.L. Werner. Cover art and interior illustrations by M.D. Jackson. Edited and foreword by Jason M Waltz.

PRINT: 170k words, US$35.00, 6×9 HC, xxx pages, ISBN xxx / US$25.00, 6×9 TPB, xxx pages, ISBN xxx
ELECTRONIC: US$8.00 Amazon Kindle