No Ordinary Mortals: A Heroic Anthology of Supers (Rogue Blades Presents #7)

Super-powered pulpy heroes automatically bring a WHAM-BAM! smile to readers’ faces. We all look forward to learning how they defeat villainy and wrongdoers. This is good side versus bad side, no amorality and no Byronic or anti- heroes. Think of characters like The Rocketeer, The Phantom, Zorro, and Flash Gordon—but super-powered. Blatantly heroic original-to-the-authors-only characters with no ambiguity in their pursuit of stopping offenders and reigning in villainous behavior. These are Supers with a unique power who fight crime and evil for the right reasons! And just look at that jaw-dropping original cover art!

“…quality anthologies of late, and I’m happy to say that streak continues…”

~ W E Wertenberger, Goodreads

Includes: Christopher R. Muscato, Elad Haber, Tom Jolly, Henry Ram, Brian K. Lowe, Harold R. Thompson, W. T. Paterson, Michael J. Stieh, Mark Finn, Joel E. Roosa, and D.K. Latta. Cover by M.D. Jackson. Edited by Jason M Waltz and Anna Tippett.


PRINT: US$16.00, 61k words, 5×8 TPB, 190 pages, ISBN 9798843932619
ELECTRONIC: US$5.00 Amazon Kindle