Rage of the Behemoth: A Heroic Anthology of Colossal Adventure (Signature Series #2)

Savage Man vs. Ferocious Beast! Deadly foes since the dawn of time, domination their prize. In the bitter battles of bared steel and fang it is the valor of one warrior, or a single powerful deed, that rallies the day. Yet only that day–for another monstrous foe rises across the next ridge or in the next dark night. Only the brave should jump into these tales, should dare to follow in these warriors footsteps, for it is in the facing of our greatest fears that forges Heroes! Features the last adventure of Tiana from ‘War of the Wizards’ authors Richard K. Lyon & Andrew J. Offutt. This anniversary edition is dedicated to these men and to Mary Rosenblum, all of whom have gone forward into that long goodnight since initial publication.

Authors include: A. Kiwi Courters, Jeff Draper, Bruce Durham, Michael Ehart, Richard K. Lyon and Andrew J. Offutt, Kevin Lumley, Robert A. Mancebo, Kate Martin, Daniel R. Robichaud, Mary Rosenblum, Brian Ruckley, J. Stewart, Sean T.M. Stiennon, Jason E. Thummel, Lois Tilton, Frederick Tor, Martin Turton, Carl Walmsley, Bill Ward, C.L. Werner, and Mas Williams. Foreword by Mark Finn. Introduction by John O’Neill. Cover art by Didier Normand and Johnney Perkins. Edited by Jason M Waltz.

PRINT: US$17.00, 150k words, 6×9 TPB, 330 pages, ISBN 9781097376582
ELECTRONIC: US$4.00 Amazon Kindle