Reach for the Sky: A Heroic Anthology of the Wild & Weird West (Rogue Blades Presents #5)

REACH FOR THE SKY, RBE’s first Western, is plenty weird and all about cowboys and aliens. Good ol’ fun tales of the Wild West filled with shoot-outs and war paint and gold rushes and stagecoach robberies and alien technology. Tales wherein sometimes the denizens of the West win and sometimes the invaders from darkest space triumph. Stories set in the era of the American West yet include some form of alien life dropping from and yearning to return to the sky.

“…everything in here is enjoyable…some real shiners here, and worth checking out if the Wild West with Aliens sounds cool to you.”

~ James T, Goodreads

Includes: David W. Amendola, Kristen Brand, Stan Dryer, S.O. Green, D. K. Latta, C. L. Phillips, Henry Ram, Robert J. Santa, Michael J. Stiehl, Allison Tebo, Patrick Thomas, J. B. Toner, and Logan Whitney. Cover art by Logan Whitney. Foreword by Charles Gramlich. Edited by Jason M Waltz.


PRINT: US$14.00, 77k words, 5×8 TPB, 228 pages, ISBN 9798840878194
ELECTRONIC: US$4.00 Amazon Kindle

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