Return of the Sword: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure (Signature Series #1)

Conan. Elric. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Jirel of Joiry. All could call RETURN OF THE SWORD home and be proud of it. Join warriors male and female, young and old, in struggles of supremacy, survival, and sacrifice. Witness the spectacle of their deeds; ride with them into battle; stand beside them in the breach; marvel at their heroics. Rejoice beside them, tremble before them, weep with them, die with them . . . triumph with them. This is a storyteller’s collection of heroic deeds.

“…a first class S&S anthology. I especially appreciated its cohesion and that it serves as a primer for new storytellers writing in the genre.”

~ Periklis, Goodreads

Includes: Stacey Berg, S.C. Bryce, William Clunie, Jeff Draper, Bruce Durham, Michael Ehart, Phil Emery, James Enge, Steve Goble, Angeline Hawkes, Nicholas Ian Hawkins, Christopher Heath, Ty Johnston, E.E. Knight, Harold Lamb, Allen B. Lloyd, Thomas M. MacKay, Nathan Meyer, David M. Pitchford, Robert Rhodes, J. Stewart, and Bill Ward. Cover by Johnney Perkins. Foreword and edited by Jason M Waltz.


PRINT: US$16.00, 142k words, 6×9 TPB, 342 pages, ISBN 9780982053607
ELECTRONIC: US$3.99 Amazon Kindle (PDF)

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