We Who are About to Die: A Heroic Anthology of Sacrifice (Rogue Blades Presents #6)

Not every hero survives intact. All heroes pay a cost, some even the ultimate sacrifice. But just what is their ultimate sacrifice? WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE examines that theme of ultimate sacrifice as key to heroism. Not only the willingness to sacrifice all, but the act of sacrificing for the greater ’cause’ — whatever that may be. Death can be a cost of heroism, but it might not be the greater loss come story’s end. Heroes die. And they lose things greater than life: Family. Freedom. Innocence. Faith. Ideals. This is not just a book of dead heroes. Death does not have to mean defeat. Loss does not always equal failure. These stories span the spectrum, stories of apotheosis and of nihilism and of what lies between. Heroes die and legends are born. Or nothing changes and it is all moot. A battle is won, while a war lost . . . or a battle lost to win a war. This anthology is a rather intense read of heroic sacrifices, adventure tales with a bit of thoughtfulness. Loss is common, regularly risked in derring-do, of course, but taking it to that next level and actually finding sacrifice . . . Reading stories of protagonists who willingly choose to give something dear, something cherished, something trusted, up on behalf of something/someone else . . . these are some powerful stories. WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE is about sacrifice, not just loss. Heroic and fantastical adventures wherein the hero chooses to pay the cost — no matter how steep up to, including, even beyond death. This is character-driven storytelling in the ‘Sword-and-‘ genres (Sword & Sorcery, Sword & Planet, Sword & Sandal, and Sword & Six-gun), as inspired by David Pitchford.

“…a compelling theme-focused anthology of adventure and heroic fiction.”

~ Jason Ray Carney, Goodreads#

Includes: James C. Bassett, Rob Mancebo, Laura Garrity, Evan Davies, Gregory D. Mele, Jason Lane, L.T. Adams, Keith West, Douglas Smith, Brian Rappatta, J. Williams, T. A. Markitan, Jason Lairamore, Christopher Graham Hall, L. D. Whitney, Marshall J. Moore, Christine Lucas. Cover photography from Peter Gnas. Foreword by David M. Pitchford. Edited by Jason M Waltz and Christopher Graham Hall.

PRINT: US$16.00, 89k words, 5×8 TPB, 254 pages, ISBN 9798840878194
ELECTRONIC: US$5.00 Amazon Kindle