Robert E. Howard Changed My Life: Personal Essays about an Extraordinary Legacy

ROBERT E. HOWARD CHANGED MY LIFE is a collection of personal essays examining the influence of REH and many of his characters on the lives of 34 contributors: Barbara A. Barrett, Barbara Baum, Fred Blosser, Rusty Burke, Bill Cavalier, Becky Cloonan, Adrian Cole, Nancy A. Collins, Bobby Derie, Jason Durall, Steven Erikson, Mark Finn, Jaym Gates, Chris Gruber, Dierk Guenther, Dave Hardy, John C. Hocking, Cecelia Holland, Matthew John, Howard Andrew Jones, Karen Joan Kohoutek, Joe R. Lansdale, Patrice Louinet, Michael Moorcock, Scott Oden, Deuce Richardson, Charles Saunders, Jeffrey Shanks, David C. Smith, Keith J. Taylor, Roy Thomas, Todd B. Vick, and C. L. Werner. Afterword by Janet Morris.

“Amazing. Highly recommended for fans of Robert E Howard.”
~ Michael Pacheco, Goodreads

“An exceptional collection of essays, memoirs, and criticism of REH and what he’s meant to a host of creators and differing personalities from different walks of life.”

~ Christian, Goodreads

Includes: ‘Appendix REH: Suggested Additional Inspirational and Educational Reading’ from contributors, and a salute to Charles R. Saunders, the Father of Sword & Soul, who passed just before this book was released. Cover art by Didier Normand. Edited by Jason M Waltz.


PRINT: US$42.00, about 130k words, 6×9 HC w/DJ, 338 pages, ISBN 9780578661759
ELECTRONIC: US$9.99 Amazon Kindle

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