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This is the RING OF HEROES - the strength of RBF's foundation.

Mithril Ring

Light, agile, and strong, these are the RBF supporters whose steadfastness never fades. [From J.R.R.Tolkien, meaning ‘light, strong, never fade.’]

Duranium Ring

Durable and formidable, these are the RBF donors whose support is legendary. [From Star Trek, meaning ‘legendary durability.’]

Vibranium Ring

Potent, tenacious, and energetic, the vigor of these RBF supporters resonates around the world. [From Marvel Entertainment, meaning ‘sound of strength.’]

Amazonium Ring

Impervious wonders, these are the supporters who go above and beyond in embracing RBF’s vision and goals. [From DC Entertainment, meaning ‘wonder of vision.’]

Adamant Ring

Indestructible and mighty, the support of these donors for RBF’s mission and values is unbreakable. [From Greek myth, meaning ‘unbreakable support.’]